Every show needs a director and an assistant director, and anyone interested in doing so can enter The Pool. You fill out an application form with as much information about you and your interests as possible, so that the Society can team you up with the play and creative team that is the best fit for you. You will then remain in The Pool of directors for the rest of the year.

If you know already know what show you want to direct, whether it be new writing or a published play, you can send in a proposal to the Society when applications open and you will be invited to an interview with the committee.

To be a director, you must have a clear vision for the show and therefore you are responsible for leading rehearsals in a way that will best achieve your aims.

An assistant director should support the director in their vision, as well as being on hand to take notes, lead warm ups and sometimes lead parts of a rehearsal.

Here is the application form for the upcoming Autumn Season submissions (the deadline is 1st October 2018):

Here is the application form for The Pool: